Saturday, 30 November 2013

Star Fleet

Presenting my personal favourite of all of the puppet shows, Star Fleet!

Released originally in Japan as X-Bomber, the series follows a small band of heroes piloting an untested spacecraft known as X-Bomber trying to defend Earth against the forces of Commander Makara and the Insectoid army, who are searching the galaxy for the mysterious artifact known as F-01.

Rather than using the marionette string puppetry of other shows like Thunderbirds, this show used the 'rod puppetry' technique to allow more freedom of movement for the figures, and is also the reason why most of the shots are from the waist up.

A couple of little facts about this show - Brian May and Eddie Van Halen recorded a single of the theme and released it as 'The Star Fleet Project'
Jay Benedict, who voices Shiro, played Newt's father in Aliens - Special Edition, also Mark Rolston who played Private Drake in the same movie provided the voice of John Lee. (See pic below for comparison!)

Around the World with Willy Fog

Oh yes indeed!

The bet has been placed, are you ready for a trip over land, across the sea and through the air, with our heroic Lion friend Willy Fog?

Accompanied by his butler Rigadon, and Tico, Rigadon's best friend, they must race around the world and return to London within 80 days to settle a bet between Willy Fog and his aristocrat peers.
The trip was never going to be easy though, pursued by Inspector Dix of Scotland Yard who is convinced Willy robbed the bank of England and Transfer, who has been employed to hinder the heroes on their journey to ensure Willy fails and loses the bet.

Another superb theme tune that instantly sparks memories and brings a smile to your face.

Truly a classic!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers

Ch-ch-ch-chip and Dale!

Chip and Dale are two chipmunks who start a detective agency, Rescue Rangers, along with their friends Gadget, Monterey Jack, and Zipper the fly (I wonder if this was an intentional pun?). The pint-sized detectives deal with crimes that are often "too small" for the police to handle. The gang frequently find themselves going up against the Mafia-style tabby cat Fat Cat!

Another classic theme tune that everyone seems to know the words to, even though they probably haven't seen the show in 20 odd years!!

The Trap Door

Poor old Berk. No matter how he tried to keep the castle tidy for 'The Thing  Upstairs, something always seems to go wrong. Those monsters keep creeping out of the trap door and making Berk's job as caretaker all that much harder.
Thankfully he has his best friend and voice of reason Boni to help him out!

Fun fact - The theme tune was written by Bob Heatlie, who also wrote Merry Christmas Everyone for Shakin' Stevens and Japanese Boy for Aneka!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Amazing Adventures of Morph

It's Morph!

The lovable lump of plasticine who comandeered our hearts when he was featured on Tony Hart's art programmes Take Hart and Hartbeat.

He soon after got his own programme where his friends Chas, Delilah, Folly, Gillespie and Grandmorph joined him for all sorts of michief and adventures!


Battle of the Planets

Five young people, brought together to form G-Force protecting Earth from the forces of Zoltar and the forces of planet Spectra!

It's Battle of the Planets!

Originally released in Japan as Gatchaman, BotP was changed siginificantly from it's origins. For example, 7-Zark-7 was never in the original show, he was created as a filler for all of the material that was removed from the original because it had too many scenes of graphic violence for a children's show!

Count Duckula

Today's first offering is a dark and twisted tale of a mysterious (vegetarian) vampire duck!

Count Duckula!

Accompanied by his butler Igor! who always attempts to turn Duckula into a proper vampire and bring back the 'good old days' and his clumsy, doting Nanny, Duckula searches the world in his teleporting castle, seeking fame and riches!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Who remembers this beauty from 1983?
 Moschops and his friend Ally, Mr Ichthyosaurus, Uncle Rex and Grandpa Diplodocus and of course the most important character, Flower!

I used to love it when  Moschops got dizzy after having a special thought. 

Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Come on it's time to go, Do the Mario!!

Hey folks, a very late first post today due to having a poorly head all day, but I'm feeling better now, so it's on with the show!

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show that is!

Follow Mario and Luigi down the warp pipe and see what trouble King Koopa is brewing!

I used to love the live action segments of this show, because they were so cheesy and awful!

Fun Fact - Did you know that the live action Mario was played by WWE hall of famer Lou Albano?

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Inspector Gadget

A classic show plain and simple.

A bungling police Inspector without a clue about what is really happening around him, equipped with a cyborg body fully loaded with as many 'gadgets'  His street smart and tech savvy niece and her dog, who is probably one of the best spies on TV. Ever.


If I remember correctly, the villain of the show, Doctor Claw was never fully revealed to the audience, only his arm and gauntleted hand was ever shown. Then again,who needed to see him, cos M.A.D cat stole the show anyway! If anyone knows of an episode with Doctor Claw in all his glory or has a picture, let me know!

This message will self destruct...!

Pole Position

Two cars, two talking computers, two crime fighting teens, one awesome cartoon!

Pole Position!

The show featured three young sibling crime fighters, two of whom were stunt drivers and part of a secret government operation under the guise of the "Pole Position Stunt Show" that was run by their uncle. The youths inherited the role after their parents died in an unfortunate car accident. The team is equipped with two high-tech talking vehicles named "Roadie", and "Wheels".
The vehicles featured numerous hidden gadgets like water skis and hover jets. The vehicles' computers themselves are portable and can be removed from the dashboards and carried around using handles (thus they are often referred to as "the modules"). They are characters that appeared as computer-drawn faces displayed on video screens.

Fun fact - The voice of Wheels was performed by Melvin Franklin of the 60's Motown group, The Temptations!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Button Moon!

Welcoming to the Broom Cupboard Club with open arms is our first puppet show rather than an animation, and what better show to bring out first, than Button Moon?

Follow the adventures of Mr. Spoon, who travels to Button Moon, has wonderful adventures and uses his telescope to view other character in far away places.

Fun fact - The theme tune was written and performed by Peter Davidson (The 5th Doctor Who!) and his wife at the time Sandra Dickinson (who played Trillian in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Who says you can't learn cool things from this site?

We're off to Button Moon, We'll follow Mr. Spoon, Button Moon, Button Moon...

The Family Ness

That's right folks! Nessie does exist! In fact there's not just one, but a whole family of them! They won't just come from the bottom of the loch for just anyone though, you have to be the owner of the Thistle Whistle to get them to appear!

 It's The Family Ness!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

Thundering across the stars,
to save the universe from the Monster Minds!
Jayce searches for his father, to unite the magic root,
and lead his Lightning League to victory over the changing form of Saw Boss!
Wheeled Warriors explode into battle!
Lightning Strikes!

Every time I hear this intro spoken it gives me chills because I know it's about to launch into another classic theme tune from the 80's, for another show that captivated and enthralled me every week!

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors!

Sharky and George

It's Sunday morning and that means if you were growing up in the early 90's, you were watching today's first offering, Sharky and George! It was the law!

Come now, on a trip under the waves, to Seacago where Sharky and George are waiting to solve another case!