Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Incredible Hulk (1996)

We all know not to make Bruce Banner angry, we've been told so many times! Here's The Incredible Hulk from 1996!

The first season begins with Dr. Robert Bruce Banner already established as the Hulk and on the run, captured by the military after another attempt at ridding himself of the beast within goes awry. He eventually escapes, and falls into the hands of The Leader, a green-skinned, super-intelligent entity with an oversized brain housed in a towering cranium. But the intervention of mutated cave dwelling gamma creatures, Banner's loyal friend Rick Jones, and the love of his life Betty Ross, is enough to liberate The Hulk and he becomes a fugitive again, with a more aggressive General Ross, Betty's father, continuing his pursuit.

The series has a a star studded voice cast, featuring voices by many actors from the 80's and 90's including Lou Ferrigno, Luke Perry, Matt Frewer and Mark Hamill!

The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Let's take a step into the magical land of Narnia in the first of three BCC adaptations of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!

In 1940, during the Second World War, the four Pevensie children: Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy are evacuated from London to the country house of an eccentric old professor. There, bored and restless, first Lucy and Edmund, and then all four of the kids make their way through the back of an attic wardrobe to Narnia, a magical land of mythical creatures and talking animals. But Narnia is not perfect: it's always winter and never Christmas since the White Witch began her rule. And there are evil creatures as well as good, and a traitor in their midst. Only the return of Aslan can bring victory in the coming battle to win spring and freedom back to Narnia.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Mr Men

Here is the first animated incarnation of Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men!

Mr. Men is a series of 49 children's books by Roger Hargreaves. The series features characters with names such as Mr. Tickle and Mr. Happy who have personalities and physical attributes based on their names. An accompanying series of 42 Little Miss books by the same author, but with female characters, were published.
Each book in the original Mr. Men and Little Miss series introduced a different title character and his/her single dominant personality to convey a simple moral lesson. The Mr. Men and Little Miss characters frequently reappeared in other characters books.
The Mr. Men characters were adapted into two animated television series in 1974 that consisted of a total of 28 episodes.
The voices and narration were provided by Arthur Lowe, well known from his role as Captain Mainwaring in the sitcom Dad's Army, who used regional accents for some of the characters.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


let's head over to the busy little village, featuring the one of the most recognisable role calls... It's Trumpton, the second show in the Trumptonshire Trilogy!

The action takes place in the imaginary town of Trumpton, a short distance from the equally imaginary town of Camberwick Green, the focus of the first series in the Trumptonshire Trilogy. Each episode begins with a shot of Trumpton Town Hall Clock: "Here is the clock, the Trumpton clock. Telling the time, steadily, sensibly; never too quickly, never too slowly. Telling the time for Trumpton". The townsfolk then appear going about their daily business ruled over by the town's despotic Mayor: Mr Troop the Town Clerk, Chippy Minton the carpenter and his apprentice son Nibbs, Mrs Cobbit the florist, Miss Lovelace the milliner and her trio of pekingese dogs (Mitzi, Daphne and Lulu), and Mr Platt the clockmaker.

Although all of the characters and settings are new, the style of the programme follows the pattern established by Camberwick Green, in which domestic problems are cheerfully resolved by the end of the show, leaving the last minute or so for the Fire Brigade to become the Fire Brigade Band and play the episode out.

The Fire Brigade is perhaps Trumpton's most-recognised feature. Captain Flack's roll-call was recited in all but one episode: "Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub."

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bangers and Mash

Chimpanzees are renowned for their mischievous natures and these to chimpanzee twins ceratinly know how to turn mischief into trouble! It's Bangers and Mash!

The series revolved around the adventures of two chimpanzees, Bangers and Mash. The series' narration and character voices were provided by Jonathan Kydd, and the incidental music and theme tune were written and performed by Chas & Dave.
Bangers and Mash were troublemakers and through wanting to have fun, would cause grief for other people, namely making a mess or breaking something of importance, normally belonging to their parents (or Gran, who also lives with them). Like all the inhabitants of their island, they live in a house built on top of a tree (their address being No. 3 Tree Street).
Other characters of significance on the show include Bangers' and Mash's parents, their grandmother, their dog Mick, their friend Petal, their teacher Mrs. Chum (who often resorts to the same punishment; making them write their ABC's ten times!) and the local witch, Mrs. Snitchnose; a rat-like creature with a long nose with hairs coming on the end of it.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

James Bond Jr

Taking on the villainous schemes like only a secret agent can, it's James Bond Jr!

Acting as a spinoff of the popular James Bond series of action spy movies, James Bond Jr follows the exploits of the original James Bond's nephew.
While attending prep school at Warfield Academy, James Bond Jr., with the help of his friends IQ (the grandson of Q), and Gordo Leiter (the son of Felix Leiter), fight against the evil terrorist organisation SCUM (Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem), a SPECTRE-like organization. Expanding on his uncle's famous line, James Bond Jr's catchphrase was "Bond, James Bond. Junior.
Jaws, a recurring villain from the films The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, made regular appearances, usually partnered with Nick Nack, a villain from The Man with the Golden Gun, forming a bickering comical duo. Auric Goldfinger also appears, alongside his assistant, Oddjob, from the Goldfinger film. It is revealed Goldfinger has a teenage daughter named Goldie Finger with equally expensive tastes. Several episode titles parodied the titles of Bond films such as Live and Let’s Dance and Rubies Aren't Forever.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Beverly Hills Teens

Oh, what it is to be rich, privileged and dare I say it, spoilt in the wealthiest area of California. It's the Beverly Hills Teens!

The series takes place in Beverly Hills, California, and follows a fictional "Teen Club", consisting of a group of wealthy teenagers, shown to be approximately sixteen years old. Common settings include the teens' palatial high school, the country club, the local salon and spa, and the shopping thoroughfare on Rodeo Drive. The lead protagonist is Larke, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed high school student and fashion model who is shown to be kind and generous to her friends. Her romantic lead is handsome heartthrob, Troy who, like Larke, is shown to be genial and likable, and is often the object of affection for the other girls.

Providing much of the series' conflict is raven-haired beauty, Bianca, who views Larke as her primary rival for everything from the lead in the high school play, to the title of Homecoming Queen, and, most importantly, Troy's affections. Sharing her disdain for the perfect coupling is Pierce, an effeminate and narcissistic boy who presents himself as a "ladies' man", but resents Troy's relationship with Larke. Storylines frequently involve Bianca or Pierce, or sometimes both working together, plotting and/or manipulating events in an attempt to sabotage Larke and Troy's romance, as well as various other relationships within the Teen Club.

The other girls of the Teen Club include rocker girl Jett, cowgirl Blaise, aspiring actress Nikki, southern belle Tara, Teen Club President Shanelle, and gossip columnist Switchboard. The other boys of the Teen Club include rocker boy Gig, surfer boy Radley, self-promoter Buck Huckster and Bianca's chauffeur Wilshire. In addition to their peer group, the teens are often accompanied by two youngsters, boy genius Chester and Pierce's little sister Jillian, while the rivalry between Larke's cat "Tiara" and Bianca's poodle "Empress" frequently provides the series with its more traditional slapstick comedy elements.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Drak Pack

When evil is afoot, you need to call the monster hero trio, Drak Pack!

The series centers around three young men: Drak, Frankie and Howler, descendants of Dracula, the Frankenstein monster, and a werewolf. To atone for their ancestors' wrongdoings, the three, united as the Drak Pack, became superheroes.
They appear initially as normal humans, but whenever trouble arises, they strike their right hands together and shout, "Whack 'em!" (This is called the Drak Whack.) They then transform into a vampire, a Frankenstein monster and a werewolf, respectively. Drak's powers include flight, telekinesis, and the ability to change shape. Unlike most cartoon vampires, Drak may assume a variety of forms, although he favors a bat. Frankie has superhuman strength and can release electrical charges. Howler has an ultrasonic howl and super-breath. In human form, they call each other by the same names.
Their principal opponent is Dr. Dred, a blue-skinned evil genius. Dred's henchmen, collectively known as OGRE ("The Organization for Generally Rotten Enterprises [or Endeavours]"), include Toad, Fly, the massive mumbling Mummyman and Vampira. The sycophantic little Toad, is Dr. Dred's right hand, but very often, he unwittingly assists the Drak Pack. Fly, a humanoid fly, also voiced by Messick, buzzes and flies and walks on ceilings. Mummyman, a reanimated mummy, has super-strength and can stretch his wrappings indefinitely, often using them to tie up the Drak Pack. Vampira is a female vampire, with shape-shifting powers similar to Drak's. She has something of an unrequited crush on Drak.

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego

Based upon the computer game franchise, this great show has everyone asking; Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

The show's basic premise had the ACME Detective Agency attempting to stop the title thief and her V.I.L.E. gang from stealing artifacts around the world. Specifically, Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? followed the adventures of two teenaged ACME detectives named Zack and Ivy. Zack and Ivy were also siblings, but their last name was never stated nor was their mysterious lack of parents or a guardian ever explained. Notably, the show was portrayed as taking place inside a virtual reality computer game of a live-action kid referred to as "The Player".
Although Earth took the premise of the series more seriously than the Brøderbund computer games, most elements of the series, such as giving V.I.L.E. agents gag names ("Buck N. Bronco", "Dee Tritus", etc.) and having Carmen commit spectacularly impossible thefts, were faithfully maintained. However, Earth often showed how V.I.L.E. perpetrated such spectacular thefts, whereas the computer games left this to the user's imagination, and "serious" villains, such as Lee Jordan and Dr. Maelstrom, were not given such funny names.