Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Adventure Game

Time for an intergalactic journey to the planet Arg, to take part in The Adventure Game!

The story in each show was that the two celebrity contestants and a member of the public had travelled by space ship to the planet Arg. Their overall task varied with each series. For example, the team might be charged with finding a crystal needed to power their ship to return to Earth. The programme is often considered to have been a forerunner of The Crystal Maze.
Arg was inhabited by shapeshifting dragons known as Argonds. As a reference to this, most proper nouns in the programme, including Argond, were anagrams of the word dragon. All Argonds shifted shape within the first few minutes before the contestants arrived, most to human form to avoid scaring them.
The contestants had to complete a number of tasks in order to achieve their overall goal (e.g. regain their crystal and return to their ship). Many tasks involved the drogna, a small transparent plastic disc containing a solid geometric figure, which was the currency of Arg. The value of a drogna was its numbered position in the visible spectrum multiplied by the number of sides of the figure. For example, a red circle is worth one unit, an orange circle is worth two units, a red triangle and a yellow circle are both worth three, and so on.

Friday, 8 August 2014

The Red Hand Gang

Time for some crime solving kids now with The Red Hand Gang!

The Red Hand Gang consists of 5 children and are like a modern Famous 5. The gang is named after the red hand that they leave on walls to mark their territory and show that they have been there. The gang consists of Frankie, JR, Doc, Joanne, Lil Bill and not forgetting Boomer the dog. They have even built their own club house, on some waste land, where they all hang out.
Now the Red Hand Gang have an uncanny knack of solving mysteries and battling criminals. Whenever they get to a dead end in one of their investigations, they all regroup and discuss their next plan of action. This usually results in one of them coming up with a bright idea to help with their investigations.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Adventures of Spot

He's small, fluffy and very inquisitive. He's also the cutest puppy around! It's Spot!

Spot is a young puppy that lives with his parents, and likes to help them around the house. He loves to discover what things are and sings songs about what he sees. Spot enjoys solving mysteries. Such as the time he found a key and wondered what lock it would open. He tried every lock he could find and eventually found out that it fitted the lock on his father’s tool box. He even has a favourite bone. He lost it once and searched everywhere. Once he found it, he made sure he’d never lose it again, by tying a piece of string to it and then dragging it around (boy, he must like that bone!).
Spot loves to play with his friends especially down at the playground. He also likes playing with all the toys he has, especially his bath toys. His favourite is his boat. Like most children, Spot doesn’t like to walk downstairs, and instead bounces down the stairs on his bum. After he’s spends most of the day running round and playing with his friends, its time to curls up in his basket and go fast asleep, with his orange teddy bear.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3

Based upon the Nintendo game of the same name, comes the animated series of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3!

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 focuses on Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool, who reside in the Mushroom World. Most of the episodes revolve around the four characters' efforts to prevent the attacks made by King Koopa and his seven Koopalings to take over Princess Toadstool's Mushroom Kingdom.
Since the show was based on Super Mario Bros. 3, the enemies and power-ups were also seen in the show. In addition to being more faithful to the Mario gameplay, the series was given an established sense of continuity, something that the previous series (Super Mario Bros Super Show) lacked. The show was also known for having many of its episodes set in "the real world", with "actual" human beings appearing from time to time. Episodes took place in locations such as London, Paris, Venice, New York City, Cape Canaveral, Los Angeles and even Washington, D.C.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends

We have all heard about the Roswell incident in the 1940's, but what if that event itself was a cover up for something even more sinister? Find out in the Roswell Conspiracies!

On the show, the Roswell UFO Incident which is part of a conspiracy theory is portrayed as being a man made phenomenon. It was set up by humans to deflect popular attention from the truth. The unidentified flying object was a prop; the body of a little green or grey man was a dummy; the witnesses to the crash were plants; as were the Air Force investigators. In fact the whole shadow world surrounding Area 51 was nothing but a distraction from the fact that the aliens had landed long ago and there were known incidents of their desire to attack, assimilate and/or destroy the human race.
These known incidents could be found in legend, myth and folklore of beings so strange and alien that they became the fabric of what human beings thought of when they thought of being frightened; vampires, werewolves, banshees, manitou, evil spirits, etc. As human beings progressed into the Industrial Age the attacks seemed to lessen, but recently they'd begun to go on the rise.

The story begins as Nick Logan, a bounty hunter, gets tapped to hunt down what he thinks is a regular bounty, but things don't stay regular for long. When his next bounty turns out to be a very unusual girl, he soon finds himself involved in something both incredibly outrageous but also potentially satisfying. There are aliens among us and he can possibly play a part in helping to protect the earth. His new circumstances could also help him discover the truth behind his biological father's disappearance. Raised and trained by a stepfather in the know, Nick is one of a few human beings born with an innate sense of seeing through alien deceptions; most of the aliens can morph into human form at will. This ability gives him a unique advantage. In time he discovers his father and grandfather shared this advantage too.
Nick ends up teaming with Sh'lainn Blaze, a rogue Banshee who wants to be the bridge that helps humans and her species co-exist on the planet together. The Banshee haven't fared well in an age of cold iron and Sh'lainn seems aware that they are plotting some form of 'final' solution. Together they become agents under James Rinaker the current Executive Officer of The Global Alliance, an international agency responsible for keeping the secret from the public and keeping the aliens in check by preventing the more aggressive and volatile ones from hunting human beings.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Fireman Sam

Deep in the Welsh valleys, there is a man you can always depend on to get you out of a jam. It's Fireman Sam!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Into the Labyrinth

There is mystery, magic and time travel as we venture Into the Labyrinth!

The series was based around a struggle between two timeless, feuding sorcerers - the noble Rothgo and the evil Belor. Each aimed to obtain possession of the Nidus, a magical object of limitless power. The Nidus actually belonged to Rothgo and was the source of his power, but it was stolen by Belor who used her own magic to send it through time and space so that Rothgo would not be able to find it. Without the power of the Nidus, Rothgo would ultimately die. The first series followed a group of modern-day children (Phil, Helen and Terry) who find Rothgo, almost lifeless, in a labyrinthine cave. Rothgo sends the children through different periods of time to search for the Nidus, which is disguised as a different object in each time period and can only be seen in reflection. The children arrive at various points of history (the French Revolution, Ancient Greece, English Civil War, etc.), in which they find an earlier version of Rothgo himself, playing a character from each period. Together they search for the Nidus, but their attempts are constantly thwarted by Belor who also appears in each time period disguised as a character herself.
Just as the children are about to retrieve the Nidus, Belor uses her magic to hurl it further through time (using her magical incantation "I deny you the Nidus!" as a bolt of lightning emanates from her fingertips). Belor cannot actually touch the Nidus whilst Rothgo still lives, and so she can only hope to deny him possession of the artefact until he eventually dies.