Saturday, 7 December 2013


Roobarb is a green dog, and Custard is a pink cat. Roobarb is always involved in some kind of misadventure which he approaches with unbounded enthusiasm. Custard is cynical and sets out to sabotage Roobarb's fun. Other characters in the series are the birds, who watch the antics of the other two from the safety of a nearby tree, often making snide remarks, and siding with whoever is winning.

Fun Fact - Roobarb was the first fully animated television series to be made in the United Kingdom!

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Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats HO!

ThunderCats follows the adventures of the eponymous team of heroes, cat-like humanoid aliens from a planet called Third Earth. The series plot begins with the dying planet Thundera meeting its end, forcing the ThunderCats (a sort of Thunderean nobility) to flee their homeworld. The fleet is attacked by the Thundereans' enemies, the Mutants of Plun-Darr, who destroy most of the starships in the "ThunderFleet," but spare the flagship hoping to capture the legendary mystic Sword of Omens they believe is on board.
The sword holds the Eye of Thundera, the source of the ThunderCats' power, which is embedded in the hilt. Though the Mutants damage the flagship, the power of the Eye drives them back. The damage to the ship means the journey to their original destination is not possible, instead having to journey to "Third Earth"; which will take much longer than they had anticipated. The eldest of the ThunderCats, Jaga, volunteers to pilot the ship while the others sleep in capsules; however, he dies of old age in the process, but not before ensuring they will reach their destination safely. The flagship contains the young Lord of the ThunderCats, Lion-O, as well as the ThunderCats Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, WilyKit and WilyKat, and Snarf.
When the ThunderCats awake from their suspended animation on Third Earth, Lion-O discovers that his suspension capsule has slowed, rather than stopped, his aging, and he is now a child in the body of an adult. Together, the ThunderCats and the friendly natives of Third Earth construct the "Cat's Lair," their new home and headquarters, but before long, the Mutants have tracked them down to Third Earth. The intrusion of these two alien races upon the world does not go unnoticed, however - a demonic, mummified sorcerer calling himself Mumm-Ra recruits the Mutants to aid him in his campaign to acquire the Eye of Thundera and destroy the ThunderCats so that his evil may continue to hold sway over Third Earth.

(Text taken from Wikipedia because I'm very lazy today!!)

Friday, 6 December 2013

Jimbo and the Jet-Set

Flying high in the sky! It's Jimbo! The little plane with the big heart!

Always up to mischief and causing the air controller massive amounts of stress!
The controller can often be heard shouting "I want words with you Jimbo!!"

Created by the Maddocks animation company, who also created The Family Ness and Penny Crayon!

Thursday, 5 December 2013



And Godzooky!!

The series follows the adventures of a team of scientists on the research vessel called the Calico, which is headed by Captain Carl Majors. The rest of the crew include scientist Dr. Quinn Darien, her nephew Pete, her research assistant Brock, and the ship's first mate, Carl. Also along for the ride is Godzooky, the "cowardly cousin" of Godzilla and Pete's best friend, who has a lighthearted role in the show. Godzooky can attempt to fly using the small wings under his arms. Whenever Godzooky tries to breathe fire, he usually just coughs up smoke.
The group often call upon Godzilla by using a special communicator when in peril, such as attacks by other giant monsters. Godzooky is also able to howl to summon Godzilla. Godzilla's size in the animated series shifts radically, sometimes within a single episode or even one scene. For instance, Godzilla's claw can wrap around a large ship, and only minutes later the team of scientists fit rather neatly on Godzilla's palm. In addition, Godzilla's trademark atomic breath is altered so he breathes simple fire. He can also shoot laser beams from his eyes much like Supermans's heat vision. (Quoted from Wikipedia)

The Moomins

Today's first show is the much loved classic The Moomins!

Although this show had many children enchanted in their younger years, many were also scared of some of the more unusual characters in the show. Can anyone remember the Hattifatteners, or even the rather horrific Groke?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Fraggle Rock

It's time to visit the Gorgs, Doozers and most importantly the Fraggles down at Fraggle Rock!

Fraggles are unusual creatures, who live in caves and live their lives solely for music and play. Also living with the Fraggles are the tiny creatures known as Doozers who love to build and work. All of the constructions that the Doozers build are regularly broken down and eaten by the Fraggles.
Living just outside of the caves are a family of giants known as Gorgs. Junior Gorg is obsessed with capturing and keeping Fraggles, but always seems to be outsmarted.

Meet these and many more odd and wonderful characters when you travel to Fraggle Rock!

The Incredible Hulk (1982)

He's mean, he's green and he's on your screen!

The Incredible Hulk!!

This series from 1982, focusses on Dr Bruce Banner's attempts to cure hmself of his transformations into the Hulk, and the Hulk defeating various monsters and villains whilst fending off the army's attempts to subdue and capture him. The series also featured introductory narration by Stan Lee.

If you listen carefully, you'll notice that some of the music used in this show was also used in another Marvel animated show (posted last month) Dungeons and Dragons!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Alfred J Kwak

A duck known as Alfred J. Kwak!

Alfred J. Kwak was born as the son of Johan Sebastian and Anna Kwak. Some time after his birth, Alfred loses his parents and his brothers and sisters who died when a car hit them. Henk the mole, a good friend of the Kwak family, raises the little yellow duck. Alfred experiences a lot of adventures as he gets older.

This show was very different in tone from most other children's cartoons as it dealt with a lot of political themes from fascist dictators to taking in refugees fleeing apartheid. Not all the storylines in the show had happy endings, but told tales of the important values of friendship and solidarity.

A rare yet compelling classic indeed.

Jem and the Holograms

Ever wanted to front a rock band? Reach the dizzy heights of fame and fortune and all of the dangers that come with it?

Here's a show about a girl who wanted all of it and more, Jem and the Holograms!!

The series revolves around Jem, the mysterious lead singer and front-woman of the rock group "Jem and the Holograms." Her real name is Jerrica Benton, and under this name she is the owner and manager of Starlight Music. Jerrica adopts this persona with the help of a holographic computer, known as Synergy, which was built by Jerrica's father to be "the ultimate audio-visual entertainment synthesizer" and is bequeathed to her after his death. Jerrica is able to command Synergy to project "the Jem hologram" over herself by means of the remote micro-projectors in her earrings, thus disguising her features and clothing enabling her to assume the Jem persona. While disguised as Jem, Jerrica is able to move freely without restrictions and on several occasions other people have been in direct physical contact with her without disrupting the holographic projection. Jem, through the use of her earrings, is also able to project holograms around her and uses this ability throughout the series to avoid danger and provide special effects for the performances of her group.
(Text taken from Wikipedia)

Monday, 2 December 2013

Jamie and the Magic Torch

 Follow Jamie and Wordsworth as they have crazy adventures in Cuckoo Land!

 Jamie and The Magic Torch!!

The programme was based around the young boy of the title and his torch. When shone on the floor, the torch opened up a hole into a fun dimension called Cuckoo Land.

The series was written and narrated by Brian Trueman, who later wrote shows such as Dangermouse and Count Duckula.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Everyone knows the tale of Dorothy being whisked away to the land of Oz, but not many people seem to remember this Japanese animated version, that continued into some of the other Oz books written by L. Frank Baum, so I thought this would be a good time to add it to the BCC!

This version is also narrated by Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the Superman movies of the 80's!

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Poddington Peas

Down at the bottom of the garden, among the birds and the bees, Live a lot of little people, they're called the Poddington Peas!

All of the characters you'll meet in this show have names ending in -py (pea) such as the overweight Dum-pea and the sinister looking Creep-pea!

I used to love this show as a kid, and my niece used to have the theme song sung to her as a baby to help her settle!

T-Bag Strikes Again

Greetings everyone!

This post is a special request by one of the fans of the site and is stepping outside of the normal schedule. You request it, and I'll do my best to deliver!
This show isn't a cartoon at all, but part of a long running live action series, featuring a villainous witch known as 'T-Bag'.

T-Bag obtains magical powers by drinking tea made from the 'High T-Plant'. She cannot brew it properly, requiring an assistant (T-Shirt) to do it for them. In return, T-Bag shares her magical powers with T-Shirt. T-Shirt is presented as T-Bag's constant companion.T-Bag and T-Shirt's magical powers, (rather limited, owing to cheap 1980s special effects) mostly consist of conjuring objects out of thin air when needed, sending objects elsewhere and teleporting across time and space. T-Bag triggers her teleport ability by clicking her fingers. T-Shirt finds finger clicking too difficult and blinks instead.

This episode was from the second series, T-Bag Strikes Again, where T Bag takes up residence in a storybook and creates a T-Room in a magical garden at the end of the book where she finds a more powerful T-Plant (a fine specimen of Maximus brewuppacuppa). She stops time in the book by stealing the silver numbers from the clock in the first story so that none of the stories will ever end. 
The heroine of the show has to find and collect the silver numbers and restore time to the book!


Sunday mornings. Waking up slowly, no alarms no rushing about, just a nice quiet day. That calls for a nice cartoon to start the day.


The plot focuses on the story of Babar as it is told by him to his children. Babar is a young elephant who undergoes many challenges and adventures. However, Babar always finds the strength to rise above difficulty and search out every cloud's silver lining. Babar is crowned king of the elephants, plans and builds Celesteville, and becomes a father himself. And he learns the greatest lesson of all: "despite life's challenges, great things are possible if one never gets discouraged" (quoted from wikipedia)