Saturday, 8 March 2014

Penny Crayon

Penny Crayon can draw anything she likes...

Artful Penny could indeed draw anything she wanted with her magic crayon and it would spring into life. A fantastically useful toy to have. Only her best friend friend Dennis knew her secret so the two had acres of fun winding up adults, nosey-parkers, bullies, bad guys, teachers and ne'er-do-wells with her creations, or solving problems for folk, or sketching their way out of tricky situations. Penny would scribble away, her arm becoming a blurr as she worked and then - hey presto! - her line drawing would leap off the drawing surface as a fully-formed 3D object. To underscore the magical transformation we'd witness a brief burst of zap lines preceeding a spiral of confetti-type colours...
Penny was voiced by 80's legend Su Pollard!

Ronin Warriors

Good morning folks! Time to kick of your Saturday with a rampage of Japanese samurai mecha action with Ronin Warriors!

Talpa, the demon lord of the Netherworld, is bent on conquering the mortal world. Standing against Talpa and his four Dark Warlords are the five Ronin Warriors, each in possession of mystical armor and weapons. They are assisted by Mia Koji, a young student-teacher, and a mysterious warrior-monk known only as The Ancient.

This episode contains the original Japanese titles, but they are pretty similar to the American version!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Fun House


Based on the American show of the same name, the British version was hosted by Pat Sharp with the cheerleader twins Melanie and Martina. Featuring amazing games and the excellent final go-cart battle! 

Pat guides two teams of two children, normally from the same school, into the first few, typically children's quiz rounds, where the team members take it in turns to answer questions and avoid getting covered in gunge.

Then in the next round, the teams compete in the fun house grand prix where they race around the fun house set picking up bonus points. The team which has picked up the most points from all the rounds, then goes on to the best round...the fun house itself! The kids then take it in turns, in the given three minutes, to race around the fun-house and pick up as many prize cards as they can, and bring them back to Pat. One of the prize cards is the power prize which is the super duper best prize in the game, although the contestants don't know which card it is, or where it is. (Although we do at home.) When they pick the card up they hear a cuckoo! Very fun children's game show!


It's Friday, it's nearly 6 o'clock, it's Crackerjack!!

A behemoth of children's programming, for nearly three decades Crackerjack pretty much marked the start of the weekend with its mixture of sketches, pop performances and of course its games. Countless different games were played down the years - there were any number of straightforward on-the-buzzer quizzes, alongside other games like the jigsaw-based Jig-Jak and Hangman variant Take A Letter, but the show's signature game was Double Or Drop, devised by original host Eamonn Andrews, in which kids had to answer questions while holding on to an ever-increasing pile of prizes (with cabbages added to the heap for wrong answers). Win or lose, everyone went home with the coveted "Crackerjack pencil" (later replaced by the "Crackerjack pen").
In the Stu Francis era, the final two contestants would both be teamed up with a celebrity, one male and one female, to play first 'Take A Letter', then a gunge-based game, 'Take A Chance'. (The celebs were mostly kids' presenters, sports stars and, from 1983 onwards, 'Breakfast Time' personalities, breakfast television being a new concept at the time). Each celebrity would compete against Stu to answer a question correctly, and whoever failed to do so would be gunged - although Stu and the male celebrity were always gunged anyway - the ladies usually (but not always) got away scot-free.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mike and Angelo

There's an alien living in my wardrobe! Yep, it's Mike and Angelo!

Angelo was an alien lodger who got into scrapes via his superpowers including walking on the ceiling; a nod to a famous ceiling painter called Michelangelo, and "patent pending" inventions, often without leaving the house where he had landed via a wardrobe after leaving his home planet of Ptarg; Mike was the young human friend who followed Angelo into trouble or tried to help him out of it.

Text on this description is from the Glad You Remember webpage. Original text can be found here -

Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines

It's all about that blasted pigeon. Dastardly and Muttley are up to their old tricks again in this true classic!

The show focuses on the efforts of Dick Dastardly and his canine sidekick Muttley to catch Yankee Doodle Pigeon, a carrier pigeon who carries secret messages (hence the name of the show’s theme song "Stop the Pigeon").
Each story features variations on the same plot elements: the Vulture Squadron tries to trap Yankee Doodle Pigeon using one or more planes equipped with Klunk's latest contraption(s), but one or more of the Squadron messes up and the plane(s) either crash, collide or explode (or even all of the above!). While they are falling out of the wreckage, Dick Dastardly calls for help, which Muttley either offers or refuses depending on whether Dastardly agrees to give him a medal. Even when Muttley does agree to fly Dastardly out of trouble, Dastardly seldom has a soft landing. At some point the General calls Dastardly on the phone to demand results. Dastardly assures him that they will soon capture the pigeon, but the General does not believe him and either bellows down the phone or reaches through it and pulls Dastardly's moustache or nose. Klunk then comes up with a new invention and "explains" it in his own unique way. Dastardly says, "What'd he say? What'd he say?" and Zilly interprets, before attempting to run away. Once Muttley has "persuaded" (usually by biting/attacking him) Zilly to return, the Vulture Squadron take off in their new plane(s) to repeat the whole procedure. Eventually, the Squadron is left to lick their wounds as Yankee Doodle Pigeon flies over the horizon, blowing his bugle triumphantly.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Next up we have the terrible tearaway Dennis! (Known as Dennis the Menace in the US and not to be confused with the UK's Dennis the Menace featured in the Beano comic)

The young blond boy with a cowlick and a mischievous personality, Dennis the Menace, gets into numerous scrapes and adventures with his dog Ruff and his friends Joey, Margaret, Gina, Tommy, PeeBee and Jay.
Dennis is an impulsive, angel-faced little devil who is always getting into scrapes which end up tormenting his hapless next-door neighbor, Mr. Wilson (though Dennis always means well). Dennis finds himself involved in all kinds of wild adventures (some of which are fantasy-based like the international espionage and trips into the past stories) but always manages to save the day.


Todays first show is another show from King Rollo films, about the adventures of a little dog. It's Towser!

Towser dwelled in a semi-medieval world, where there were castles and all the expected chivalrous characters and furnishings yet there were also comfy armchairs and suitcases and modern accouterments. A seemingly odd mix, then, but it all gels perfectly and each tiny tale features a little pinch of irony, a tiny twist to savour. Towser's close pals include a king known only as The King, a cat called Sadie and The Owl, and his esoteric adventures introduced us to the likes of The Terrible Thing, Dr Smelly, Goblin Gobble, The Lion, Captain Rat, Sir Lance, The Witch, an alien, and most bizarrely of all, a strange blue beaky-bird called Nosey Parker.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Emu's World

Time for some complete and utter anarchy on the BCC, with Emu's World!

Rod was the owner of a pink windmill, which was right in the middle of the countryside. Here he lived with his Emu (a terrifying creature to most) and the Pink Windmill Kids, who would sing and dance at any opportunity. Emu even seemed to behave himself, apart from attacking Rod every so often. We’re not sure why Rod hangs around with the bird, as he’s always on the receiving end of it. But like most places, you can't choose your neighbours, and boy did they have the neighbour from hell....Grotbogs. She was a witch, who had green skin, and hated brats (as she called them). She would do anything to stop them and Rod having a good time and wanted to capture Emu so that she could use his power to control the brats of the world. Grotbags used to plan what she was going to do to Rod, Emu and the kids around her cauldron, with her minions (at Gloomy Fortress). These minions consisted of a couple of wimps that would agree to anything she said and complain about her behind her back. The first 2 were Croc, and Robot Redford. If they stepped out of line, Grotbags would hit them with her bazazzer, which was a golden coloured stick with the end of it shaped like a hand pointing, with stars appearing every time she hit them.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Fantastic Max

All it takes sometimes is a clean nappy, a little imagination and an alien friend who can make virtually anything out of thin air! It's the space hopping baby, Fantastic Max!

Fantastic Max is a cartoon about a 16-month-old boy and his travels through space on adventures. His colleagues are FX, a green alien from the planet Twinkle Twinkle, and A.B. Sitter, the butler/companion he constructed from his toy blocks. His older sister, Zoey, is often oblivious to his other life as an intergalactic hero, but often gets caught up in sticky situations. It's up to Max to save the galaxy before his naptime.

It's The Wolf

How will Lambsy keep himself from being kidnapped by Mildew the Wolf? By simply shouting 'It's The Wool-Uff!'

It's the Wolf! followed the comic exploits of a wolf named Mildew, who aspires to catch and eat a sure-footed little lamb named Lambsy, but is always thwarted in this plan by the dog Bristle Hound. Bristle would apprehend Mildew (usually after hearing Lambsy's cries of, "It's the wool-uff!"), pound him, and toss him sailing into the air, with Mildew screaming a phrase such as "Spoilsport!" as he flies into the horizon and lands with a thud. Showing modest responsibility, Lambsy never fails to recognize Mildew.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Ovide and the Gang

Next up, let's head to the South Seas to a mysterious island inhabited by Ovide and is friends!

Ovide and his friends live on a tropical island that is always surprising them with new areas they have never seen. Cy is a mean snake who lives elsewhere on the island, and he is always trying to get rid of Ovide so he can take it over. Of course, he always fails. The island does have one good thing though, it has television.

Television plays an important role in this series. In every episode, Ovide and his friends are watching a program; Ovide carries a brown briefcase which contains a portable TV set; and there's a wandering TV on the island that approaches the characters at crucial moments and provides information important to the plot. Every time Cy sees the TV, he apparently becomes entranced by it.

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice

Welcome to Camelot, in a time of magic, knights, dragons and American Football players?? Time to travel back in time with King Arthur and the Knights of Justice!

The show's premise had King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table trapped in the Cave of Glass by the evil enchantress Queen Morgana. The wizard Merlin, unable to free King Arthur and the Knights himself, searches the timeline for replacement Knights. Merlin finds the quarterback of the New York Knights football team, Arthur King, as a suitable replacement. Merlin transports Arthur King and his teammates to Camelot after one of their football games and appoints Arthur King as their leader, with his teammates as the new Knights of the Round Table, and assigns them the task of freeing the true King and Knights. To do so, they must find the 12 Keys of Truth, one for each knight that only the knight in question can initially touch. Once all the keys are found, the real knights will be free and the team will return home. In the meantime, they pledge "....fairness to all, to protect the weak and vanquish the evil". The Knights are armed with special armor and are able to summon their respective creatures at any time when in battle armor. These animals, such as King Arthur's dragon, are emblazoned on their shields.