Friday, 6 February 2015

The Forgotten Toys

First new post in such a long time it seems! Here is a tale of two toys, searching for a new home and children to love them, it's the Forgotten Toys!

Based on the book by James Stevenson 'The Night After Christmas', The Forgotten Toys follows the adventures of an abandoned rag doll and teddy bear as they try to find new children to love them after being thrown out in favour of new high tech Christmas presents.

Annie, voiced by Joanna Lumley, is a refined, but somewhat scruffy rag doll. She is kindly and helpful and a contrast to her friend Teddy. Teddy (played by Bob Hoskins) is a rough and ready, gruff little teddy bear. He does, however, have a soft centre which he tries desperately hard to disguise. The two bicker, and care for each other, like brother and sister.

Their first appearance on screen, in a half hour special broadcast in Christmas 1995, sees them overcome adversity and find new children. However, no sooner has the first episode of a 26 part series started, than they find themselves lost again – stranded on an airport carousel en route to a family holiday. Will they ever be reunited with their children again?