Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Biskitts

Today's next cartoon is another one that has taken me ages to track down, it's The Biskitts!

The Biskitts are a group of tiny anthropomorphic dogs who live on Biskitt Island and are committed to guarding the crown jewels of Biskitt Castle. Modeled after Robin Hood, the Biskitts still serve their recently deceased king while performing good deeds for the underprivileged inhabitants of their tiny island. It is explained in the opening narration that due to their good reputation for responsibility and security, other kings have entrusted their treasures to be safeguarded by the Biskitts. The villain of the series is the king's mean-spirited, wasteful, younger brother King Max who rules the neighboring Lower Suburbia. In lieu of a proper coronation, Max constantly schemes to steal the royal treasure with the help of his hench-hounds Fang & Snarl and his jester Shecky. The Biskitts are also in danger of being captured and eaten by a large wildcat named Scratch.


I've decided not to post a Matinee serial for this week, because I have a couple of great cartoons that it has taken weeks to track down and post online! Firstly we have the monstrous Inhumanoids!

Inhumanoids tells the story of the scientist-hero group, Earth Corps, as they battle a trio of subterranean monsters called the Inhumanoids with the aid of elemental beings, the Mutores.

Earth Corps, a team of scientists specializing in subterranean exploration, would prefer to simply go about their work. However, this changes when a horde of monsters from below called Inhumanoids, collaborated by the evil human traitor, Blackthorne Shore, begin to attack the surface world. Against this threat, the team, and allied monster species they meet are forced to oppose them with whatever skills and equipment are useful.

I have only uploaded the first episode of the five part storyline 'The Evil that Lies Within'. I intend to upload the other four episodes soon (if they don't get blocked first!)

Friday, 31 January 2014


Next up we have a chance to enter the world inside your computer with ReBoot from 1994!

The setting is in the inner world of a computer system known by its inhabitants as Mainframe. It was deliberately chosen due to technological constraints at the time, as the fictional computer world allowed for blocky looking models and mechanical animation. Mainframe is divided into six sectors: Baudway, Kits, Floating Point Park, Beverly Hills, Wall Street, and Ghetty Prime (also called G-Prime). The names of Mainframe's sectors are homages to famous neighbourhoods, mostly in New York City or Los Angeles. However, the Kits sector is named for Kitsilano, a neighbourhood in Vancouver, Mainframe Entertainment's home city. Also, Ghetty-Prime is a reference to Frank Herbert's Dune, as Giedi Prime is the home world of the villainous House Harkonnen. Mainframe is populated almost entirely by binomes, little creatures that represent either 1s or 0s, as well as a handful of Sprites who are primarily humanoid creatures of more complex design and are the main characters of the series.

Fun Fact - ReBoot was the first fully computer animated half hour TV show!


A nice early post today, kicking things of in a high flying style, it's TaleSpin!

The series centers on the adventures of bush pilot Baloo the bear, whose air cargo freight business, "Baloo's Air Service," is purchased by Rebecca Cunningham upon his default on delinquent bills with the bank and renamed "Higher for Hire." An orphan boy and former air pirate, the ambitious Kit Cloudkicker, attaches to Baloo and becomes his navigator. He sometimes calls him "Papa Bear." Together, they are the crew of Higher for Hire's only aircraft, a 20-year old modified Conwing L-16 (a fictitious combination of a Fairchild C-82 transport and a Grumman HU-16 amphibian) with the livery of the Canadair CL-215 waterbomber, named the Sea Duck. From there, the series follows the ups and downs of Higher for Hire and its staff, sometimes in the vein of old action-adventure film serials of the 1930s and 1940s and contemporary variations, such as Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Space Ghost and Dino Boy

Bit of a late post, but never mind! This time we have a double whammy for you with Space Ghost and Dino Boy!

Space Ghost, along with teenaged sidekicks Jan and Jace and their monkey Blip, fight villains in outer space. Usually Space Ghost's sidekicks would get captured or trapped by the villains and Space Ghost would have to defeat the villains and save the day. His villains included Zorak, Brak and his brother Sisto, Creature King, Black Widow (aka Spider Woman), Lokar, Moltar, and Metallus. Dino Boy is a young boy called Todd who parachuted out of a crashing plane with his parents still on board. He lands in an unknown South American valley where dinosaurs, cavemen, and prehistoric mammals somehow have survived alongside some strange creatures and various tribes like the Moss Men, the Rock Pygmies, the Worm People, the Vampire Men, amongst others. Dino Boy then meets the caveman Ugh (who saves Dino Boy from a saber-tooth tiger when he first arrives) and his pet Brontosaurus Bronty who become his friends in the episodes to come.

Jonny Quest

Hey all! Today's first cartoon is an 80's version of a 60's classic from Hanna Barbera, it's The New Adventures of Jonny Quest!

Dr. Benton Quest is a research scientist who is frequently called upon for missions that require his scientific and technical expertise. He is usually accompanied by his son Jonny, his tutor/bodyguard Race Bannon, their bulldog with the distinctive mask-like eye markings named Bandit, and Hadji, an Indian orphan who has special abilities of his own. Together, they investigate mysteries, perform rescues and battle nefarious villains around the world, most notably Dr. Zin.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Huxley Pig

Today's next show is a stop motion animation about a pig with a very active imagination, Huxley Pig!

The main character, Huxley Pig, was always dreaming of adventure, exciting professions and encounters. At the start of each episode Huxley would be in his bedroom talking to Sam the squawking seagull and wondering about something. He would open his big suitcase of dress-up clothes, try something on and say, "Hmmm, I wonder". The picture would fade and be taken away into his daydreams for the rest of the story.
In the dream, Sam the Seagull would be able to speak, in a Cockney accent, and there were many other varied characters such as Vile Vincent, the vampire pig-butler, Horace, a hamster and something of a con artist, Cuddles, a fanged green beast and Sydney, a snake with a lisp.
The adventures took Huxley and the gang to many places, as long as there was food nearby. Food was close to Huxley's heart.

Diff'rent Strokes

While it isn't strictly a kid's show, and more of a sitcom, This show is still fondly remembered by many and I think it deserves a place here on the BCC. It's Diff'rent Strokes!

The sitcom starred Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson and Todd Bridges as his older brother, Willis. They played two children from a poor section of Harlem whose deceased mother previously worked for rich widower Philip Drummond, who eventually adopted them. They lived in a penthouse with Drummond, his daughter Kimberly, and their maid.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats

Todays next show is about a ginger cat, who likes nothing more than to cause trouble. Nope, it's not Garfield this time, it's Heathcliff!

A practical joker and trouble maker Heathcliff struts through life in search of new ways to torment Spike the neighborhood bulldog, or to woo Sonja his beloved fancy feline girlfriend. At home he is bane of Grandpa's existence ,but adored by Grandma and Iggy Nutmeg his human owners. Joined with Heathcliff is The Catillac Cats gang, a band of junkyard cats with there leader Riff-Raff, a short cat with a tall sexy feline girlfriend named Cleo and, a Cadillac car that can change into almost anything. Riff-Raff's get-rich-quick schemes and search for good eats have the rest of the gang Hector, Mungo, and Wordsworth constantly in and out of trouble and adventures.

Press Gang

Stop the presses! Today's first show is a special request from a good friend of mine, Tony Nightingale. Here you go buddy, I give you one of your suggestions, it's Press Gang!

Aimed at older children and teenagers, the programme was based on the activities of a children's newspaper, the Junior Gazette, produced by pupils from the local comprehensive school. In later series it was depicted as a commercial venture. The show interspersed comedic elements with the dramatic. As well as addressing interpersonal relationships (particularly in the Lynda-Spike story arc), the show tackled issues such as solvent abuse, child abuse and firearms control.

Monday, 27 January 2014

The Groovie Goolies

Next up we have a cartoon which shows that not all monsters were scary, some were quite... groovy!

The Grooovie Goolies!

The Goolies were a group of hip monsters residing at Horrible Hall (a haunted boarding house for monsters) on Horrible Drive. Many of the Goolies were (in look and sound) pop-culture echoes of the classic horror-film monsters created in the 1930s and 1940s, mostly by Universal Pictures. The group sang a pop song each episode.

Wonder if this was where Adam Sandler got the idea for Hotel Transylvania?


Today's first show has been requested several times over the last week or so, so I have finally managed to find the very first episode of Woof! for you to enjoy!

Woof! is about the adventures of a boy who shapeshifts into a dog. The show generally featured weekly escapades to do with the dog power. Late in Eric's run of episodes, a start at a plot arc was developed, with Eric discovering the transition is caused by adrenaline, and meeting up with an adult (played by Anthony Head) who has the same affliction.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Batman - The Animated Series

Next we have probably the greatest superhero cartoon of all time. The 1992 version of Batman!

Batman: The Animated Series is based on the DC Comics superhero Batman. The visual style of the series, dubbed "Dark Deco," was based on the film noir artwork of producer and artist Bruce Timm.
The series was widely praised for its thematic complexity, dark tone, artistic quality, and faithfulness to its title character's crime-fighting origins.
The series took influence from Tim Burton's live-action films Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), and the acclaimed Superman theatrical cartoons produced by Fleischer Studios in the early 1940s.
In designing the series, Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski emulated Burton's films' "otherworldly timelessness", incorporating period features such as black-and-white title cards, police blimps (though no such thing existed, Timm has stated that he found it to fit the show's style) and a "vintage" color scheme with film noir flourishes.

Sam and Max Freelance Police

I normally like to post some nice and gentle for a Sunday morning, but today I am going to the complete other extreme with the expolosive, frenetic and anarchic Sam and Max - Freelance Police!

Originally based on a comic made in 1987, Sam and Max gained their main popularity from the 1993 computer game Sam and Max Hit The Road.

The characters are a pair of anthropomorphic, vigilante private investigators based in a dilapidated office block in New York City. Sam is a calculative six-foot dog wearing a suit and a fedora, while Max is a short and aggressive "hyperkinetic rabbity thing". Both enjoy solving problems and cases as maniacally as possible, often with complete disregard for the law. Driving a seemingly indestructible black-and-white 1960 DeSoto Adventurer, the pair travel to many contemporary and historical locations to fight crime, including the Moon, Ancient Egypt, the White House and the Philippines, as well as several fictitious locations.