Saturday, 5 July 2014

H.R. Pufnstuf

Let's head over to the Living Island now and pay a visit to Jimmy and H.R Pufnstuf!

The show centered on a shipwrecked boy named Jimmy. Jimmy and his friend, a talking flute named Freddy, take a ride on a mysterious boat, which promised adventures across the sea, to kooky Living Island, home of dancing, talking trees and singing frogs. The Mayor of Living Island was a friendly and helpful dragon named H.R. Pufnstuf. The boat was actually owned and controlled by a wicked witch named Wilhelmina W. Witchiepoo who rode on a broomstick-like vehicle called the Vroom Broom. She used the boat to lure Jimmy and Freddy to her castle on Living Island, where she was going to take Jimmy prisoner and steal Freddy. But Pufnstuf found out about her plot and was able to rescue Jimmy when he leaped out of the enchanted boat with Freddy and swam ashore.
Jimmy was taken in by Pufnstuf, who was able to protect him from Witchiepoo, as the cave where he lived was the only place her magic had no effect. Apart from Jimmy and Witchiepoo, all of the characters on Living Island were realized via large cumbersome costumes or puppetry. Since everything on Living Island was alive, virtually any part of the Living Island sets could become a character. A frequent plot device involves Witchiepoo and her henchmen Orson Vulture, Seymour Spider, and Stupid Bat trying to steal Freddy only to be thwarted by Pufnstuf. Another concerns Jimmy and Freddy's efforts to return home from Living Island with the same lack of success.

The Addams Family - The Animated Series

They're creepy and they're kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They're all together ooky, The Addams Family!

An animated series based on the 60's TV series and 90's movie of the same name. Gomez and Morticia Addams, along with their children Wednesday and Pugsley, are just an ordinary American family facing the challenges of ordinary American life, with a few monsters, ghosts and psychopaths thrown in for good measure.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Tots TV

Let's go and have some fun and adventure with Tilly, Tom and Tiny in Tots TV!

Tots TV follows the adventures of three friends, Tilly, Tom and Tiny, who live in the country in their very own cottage, and their friend Donkey, lives outside. The Tots like to explore and see things, but try to keep out of sight from grown ups. If they need any help whilst exploring, they call upon their Magic Bag (Sac Magique) which shakes and spits out whatever they have asked for. Whenever the three of them wish for something together, it seems to come true. Such as the time they wished it would snow. Within seconds of wishing, the snow began to flutter down from the sky!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Joe 90

Today's post is a request from a BCC fan on our Facebook page, it's Joe 90!

Nine-year-old British schoolboy Joe McClaine is the adopted son of Professor Ian "Mac" McClaine, a computer expert. Outwardly, the McClaines are a simple father-and-son pair, who live in an antiquated Elizabethan-style cottage overlooking Culver Bay in Dorset, and are waited on by their housekeeper, Mrs Harris. Yet residing in a secret underground laboratory is Mac's latest invention, the "BIG RAT" (Brain Impulse Galvanoscope Record And Transfer), a machine capable of recording knowledge and experience from leading experts in various fields and transferring it to another human brain. At the heart of the design is the "Rat Trap": a spherical, rotating cage in which a subject is seated during the transfer of "brain patterns". Sam Loover, a family friend and an agent of World Intelligence Network (WIN), persuades Mac to dedicate the services of Joe and the BIG RAT to the organisation: Joe will become a WIN operative with a difference, the unlimited possibilities offered by the BIG RAT serving as an invaluable tool for completing missions. After requisite knowledge and experience has been transferred, and provided that Joe is wearing customised glasses containing hidden electrodes (a portable storage device for brain impulses), he is able to carry out missions requiring proficiency in – among other disciplines – flying fighter aircraft, spaceflight, performing advanced neurosurgery and piano.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Highlander - The Animated Series

Loosely based upon the classic movie from 1986, I give you Highlander - The Animated Series!

The story unfolds on post-apocalyptic Earth, after a meteorite collision nearly wipes out all human civilization after setting off nuclear weapons. Following this catastrophe, Connor MacLeod (the protagonist of the original film) and the other Immortals forswear the Game of fighting each other until only one Immortal remains to win the Prize. Instead, the Immortals swear to preserve human knowledge and help humanity. They cast away their swords and call themselves Jettators (from the French jette, "thrown away".)
But one Immortal, Kortan, refuses to swear the oath, he still seeks the Prize and now wishes to dominate the world. Connor challenges Kortan to a duel and is defeated and killed, as any Immortal who breaks the oath is destined to die. However, with Connor's death comes the prophecy of the rise of a new Immortal, unbound by the oath, who will defeat Kortan. Uncontested by the Jettators and nigh-unkillable by mortals, Kortan establishes an empire controlling most of the planet, which he rules from his fortress Mogonda.
700 years later, a Highland youth named Quentin is killed trying to defend his clan, the Dundee, from Kortan's slavers. He is the prophesied Immortal and returns to life. His dying mother reveals his true identity to be Quentin MacLeod from clan MacLeod, "The Last of the MacLeods". Quentin meets the Jetattor Don Vincente Marino Ramirez, who becomes his mentor. Ramirez teaches Quentin about Immortals and his mission to confront Kortan, and trains him in combat.
Accompanied by Ramirez, his adoptive sister Clyde, and their pet Gaul, Quentin seeks out the Jettators to gain their Quickening and their knowledge, not by beheading, but by a sharing as MacLeod and the Jettator grasp the same sword simultaneously (although the effects are sometimes just as destructive to the surrounding area). In the wake of a sharing the Jettator becomes mortal and often his or her sword shatters to signify this. With the wisdom of Ramírez and the Quickenings of the Jettators, Quentin may be able to destroy Kortan.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Budgie the Little Helicopter

Based upon the books of HRH The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, comes Budgie the Little Helicopter!

Budgie the little Bell helicopter takes to the skies above Harefield Airfield under the watchful eye of Lionel the Lynx helicopter. He's joined by pals Pippa the Piper Warrior plane and Chuck, a brash American Chinook. Two regular human mechanics, Ken and Mike, are close at hand to keep the gang shipshape. Whilst over in the canteen, Mrs Kitchen tries to keep her wayward twins, Lucy and Ben, from getting up to mischief around the airfield. Which is rather tricky, because there's always something dramatic going on. There are airshows to contend with, rising flood waters, plane thieves, runaway trains, blizzards and more. But plucky young Budgie and his chums always pull through to save the day...

Monday, 30 June 2014

Wombling Free

Something a little bit special now as this is the BCC's 400th video, so I am posting the full length film Wombling Free!

Based on the popular BBC children’s series, this film charts the adventures of the Wombles, those furry and lovable litter-pickers of Wimbledon Common. Only seen by those who believe in them, their work goes largely unnoticed until a young girl, Kim, spots them and their worthwhile purpose. As she invites them to her birthday party, her mother is forced to believe as she comes face to face with Orinoco, Tobermory and the rest. A public meeting is set to prove to the local population that the Wombles do exist and should be aided in their anti-rubbish campaign. But on the day in question, a storm breaks out over the Common. Will the inhabitants of Wimbledon actually be able to see their cuddly crusaders?

Valley of the Dinosaurs

Let us travel to a world lost in time, hidden from the world  ... it's the Valley of the Dinosaurs!

Science teacher John Butler along with his wife Kim, their two children Katie and Greg, and their dog Digger are on a rafting trip on the Amazon River. As they are going down the river, their boat hits a rock and capsizes. The family then gets caught in a whirlpool. When they surface upon going through an underground cavern, they find themselves in a prehistoric valley where they meet caveman Gorok, his wife Gara and their two children Lok and Tana. The two families soon become friends and Gorok and his family help the Butlers in their many attempts to find a way to return home while trying to survive in the valley.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

My Little Pony

Over the rainbow, there is a magical land. In that land live The Little Ponies, it's My Little Pony!

Ponyland is a mystical land, home to all kinds of magical creatures. The Little Ponies make their home in Paradise Estate, living a peaceful life filled with song and games. However, not all of the creatures of Ponyland are so peaceful, and the Ponies often find themselves having to fight for survival against witches, trolls, goblins and all the other beasts that would love to see the Little Ponies destroyed, enslaved or otherwise harmed.


Time for a little animal fun on the BCC, with the little dog with the big imagination, it's Wishbone!

The show's title character is a Jack Russell Terrier of the same name. Wishbone lives with his owner Joe Talbot in the fictional modern town of Oakdale, Texas. He daydreams about being the lead character of stories from classic literature.
Only the viewers and the characters in his daydreams can hear Wishbone speak. The characters from his daydreams see Wishbone as whatever famous character he is currently portraying and not as a dog.