Thursday, 27 November 2014

Legends of Treasure Island

Action, adventure magic and suspense  now in a tale of loot, piracy and betrayal in The Legends of Treasure Island!

The series was loosely based on Robert Louis Stevenson's original story "Treasure Island". Featuring a mysterious and dark storyline, it incorporates magic and many new characters. Unlike the book and most adaptations Long John Silver is not an anti-hero with dubious morality but rather a straight villain.

In "The Quest Begins" young Jim Hawkins is a pup at home in Olde England. Forced to flee for his life with his father's many-riddled treasure map Jim falls in with a sea-dog called Captain Smollett. They are joined by another pooch - Dr Livesey - and Squire Trelawney, a clucking pigeon. They set sail in search of Flint's treasure, although they've yet to fathom the riddle of the island's location. The map says it can be found in "Poseidon's Swirling Eye". But it doesn't matter anyway because they are overrun by a mutinous crew, lead by that old fox Long John Silver. Jim escapes and befriends a vixen called Jane who was kidnapped by Silver as a child (apparently her wealthy parents refused to pay the ransom because she was so spoilt). But the duo are recaptured and in a wild storm our heroes are collectively forced to walk the plank. Fortunately, Jim spies the answer to the map's first riddle in the form of a frothing maelstrom starboard . The five jump into its spiraling heart and emerge on the shores of Flint's secret, mysterious island...